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Welcome to Johnston’s Riverview Farm!

In the months to come, Sunrise Dairy will be transitioning to the Johnston’s Riverview Farm in Floodwood Mn.  We are hoping to be up and running by summer.  In the mean time, we are using a co-packer who is filling our bottles for us.  They are an all natural, non-GMO, farm with A2 cows.

We are excited to continue providing you with the quality glass bottled milk you’ve come to love.  We are also excited to share some of the changes we are making in the milk line.

We want to deliver only top quality, healthy milk to our customers so we brought you creamline milk!  Just like the old days.  You can see the quality in the cream on top.  Homogenization is the process that in short “ beats up” the cream molecules and causes them to mix with the milk rather then float to the top. NON-homogenized milk is a healthier and more robust milk!

We also switched to vat pasteurizing!  vat-pasteurized milk is a healthier choice than regular pasteurized milk because the processing is “gentler” and uses a lower temperature and thus preserves more beneficial enzymes! This along with the cream line makes our milk easier to digest.

We look forward to serving you and providing you with quality milk and dairy products.

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