Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy Milk is available in half gallon glass bottles: Whole, 2% Reduced Fat, 1% Low fat and Skim Non-fat.

All Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy milk is from cows not treated with the rBST growth hormone. Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy quality standards are set very high, and because of these high standards we pay extra premiums to our dairy farmers to ensure our milk is rBST free. Many customers feel that regardless of what the government has to say about rBST, they prefer to drink milk from untreated cows. Since we value your business and care about the humane treatment of animals on the farms, we are committed to never selling milk from cows injected with artificial growth hormones.

Dahl’s Sunrise Dairy Butter: 1 lb. Tub – European Style Butter

Rich, sweet and creamy, with a higher butterfat content (85%) versus regular butter (80%) and an extremely low moisture level made by churning cream slower and longer in an age-old tradition of fine European butters. It has a creamier taste and a silkier texture. Low-moisture, high butterfat and only 1% salt content makes this a “chefs” choice. We make our butter weekly in our old-fashioned 1950’s butter churn.

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